About “The Clifts”

Both Charlotte and William Clift are personas of Mea Clift, portraying both a gentlewoman of the 18th century (in various forms from camp follower, Hospital matron, to distinguished lady of stature), and a Doctor during the French and Indian War (the Seven Years War in Europe)- 1755-1763.  This journal is intended to not only regale people with my escapades as a reenactor, but also to continue with education in regards to 18th Century life, and most specifically, 18th Century medicine in the American Colonies, and Canada.

Charlotte Clift  is currently minding the shop of Dr. William Clift, which he has just recently opened in Frederick Towne, near the frontier region.  Dr. Clift is part of the garrison of the Maryland Forces,who hail from Fort Frederick and Fort Cumberland.

In addition to a British Surgeon during the Seven Years War, Mea also portrays Dr. Marcadent- a French surgeon during the engagement as well.  In this role there is a focus on the French Canadian medical experience.

Occassionally, Mea portrays a doctor during the Jacobite Rebellion (1745-46), and as a civilian Doctor in the Mid Atlantic between 1745 and 1783.

If you would like Doctor Clift to come speak to your school or educational group, or participate in a reenactment you may be hosting, please feel free to email us at surgeonATcolonialsurgeonDOTcom

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  1. I am coordinating a War of 1812 event, and received your name from Lauren Muney as a possible demonstrator. I am interested in any additional information on your services. Thank you so much, Erin Atkinson 410-586-8512.

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