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Posted By on February 25, 2010

The post rider arrived today with some basic supplies to keep us through the rest of this winter.  Just these last few days has it been warm enough for the snow to abate on the roads, allowing for comfortable passage of the wagon and the horses.  In his supplies were additional bandages and some medicines I had requested this spring previous, but I am glad for them.  In addition to that, the post rider suprised me with 2 correspondences, one from my sister speaking about the state of my shop, and one from the Doctor from the Southern territories, with whom I worked with at the general hospital previous to my station here.  His letter asked upon the state of my sister, as well as offered his gratitude for the gifts I had my sister send from our last shipment from London.  Additionally, he too had recently received a collection of goods from a London supplier, and gifted me with 2 “French Raincoats” as they are called. These devices are made by a Mrs. Phillips in London, and seem to be all the rage there.  I had offered him one previously that had been given to me some many months ago, but could never see to use it because of its horribly offensive smell.  I have placed these in my case of medicines, for fear that should the common soldiers find that I have such a preventative device, they all will want a chance with it, and all the ladies in camp with them.  I have treated more cases of the pox recently than I feel is common, to the effect that the Captain is ordering inspection of the camp followers, and my own Nurse, to determine the culprit.  I fear no good shall come of it for the woman spreading the disease, especially as the cold winds are blowing and there is talk of a great snow about to come.  To lose the safety of the fort will not be to her liking, I am most certain.

The note from Doctor Roberts is as follows:

My dear Doctor Clift,

Enclosed I trust you will find the return of the favour you paid me when we were encamp’d at Fort Niagara July last.  I found myself wanting during my amourous pursuits, and you came to my aid with on of Mrs. Phillip’s fine products.  I now repay that kindness with interest in the form of Two French Raincoats.

If you should require more, I have a reliable source that comes directly from the supply ship from London every three months, and it would be my pleasure to supply you.

Please give my respects to your sister and many thanks for the gifts you sent in your last package, and know Sir that I am,

Yr. Humble & obt Svt,

Dr. A Roberts”

I should write a return note to my sister and to Doctor Roberts in time to thank him for his generous gift, and to allow my sister to consider selling his items of Self-Preservation.  For now, however, the candle flickers as the wind draws under the door, and i must check the patients once again before I retire for the evening.

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