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My Dearest Brother William-

I trust that this letter finds you in good spirits and better health.  It had seemed that in your last letter you had taken on a bit of the melancholy yourself, and had planned on bleeding yourself a few ounces to rectify your constitution.  I do hope this has restored your health to its proper status.

I have heard talk in town of the Indian raids out near the fort where you reside.  Have you seen any of the savages?  I hear they are quite ghastly in appearance, and cruel to their prisoners.  Stories arrive daily of raids throughout the Pennsylvania wilderness, and even tales that the savages there have allied with the French in those regions.  Has anyone out there been injured thusly?

The shop is starting to turn profit- the arrangement you made with the Virginia tobacco farmer has proved most advantageous to our business, and that product, as well as many of the medicines are selling quite well.  The indenture you procured for me before your absence has also proven a great advantage- she cleans well, is learning to read and grind the herbs very well.  Mayhaps by your return we shall have to open a larger shop!

Today I am heading to Mrs. Riley’s for afternoon tea and supper.  I do hope she plays something on her fiddle for us guests, she truly is a talented player and I do love to hear the strings.

Your ever loving Sister,


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