A Letter to Doctor Roberts

| February 1, 2010

(January 28 1760) Dear Doctor Roberts, I trust that this note finds you in good health as well as your good daughters.  I am writing on behalf of my brother William, with who you served with at the Siege of Niagara this July past.   He sends his regards as he is still abroad in the […]

Charlotte at Tea- Aug 30, 1759

| September 5, 2009

Dearest William, Upon your last writing to me, I dare say I felt a bit nervous for you.  Indians! What savages they are!  Daily we hear stories from the western frontier of Indians raiding houses and the small villages to the west, and continue to worry they will come closer to the cities in due […]

| August 22, 2009

My Dearest Brother William- I trust that this letter finds you in good spirits and better health.  It had seemed that in your last letter you had taken on a bit of the melancholy yourself, and had planned on bleeding yourself a few ounces to rectify your constitution.  I do hope this has restored your […]