Charlotte at Tea- Aug 30, 1759

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Dearest William,

Upon your last writing to me, I dare say I felt a bit nervous for you.  Indians! What savages they are!  Daily we hear stories from the western frontier of Indians raiding houses and the small villages to the west, and continue to worry they will come closer to the cities in due course.  One lady came into town looking a fright, and told us her husband had been killed and then scalped, the hair taken cleanly from his head!  I do hope that does not happen to you or any in your care.  It sounds frightfully painful to say the least!

The indenture is working out so very well- she learns quickly, cleans well, and eats little.  What more could I ask for in a servant, except for perhaps another one with which to keep the house tidy even more regularly.  I keep the young one at work in the back of the shop mostly, preparing the ground herbs and such for dispatch, though I have thought of beginning to send her on deliveries as well.  It will save me half a crown regularly to have her do such wandering than letting local urchins do the task for me.

This weekend past, I had the honor of having Tea at Mrs. Hanson’s farmhouse with some other ladies of stature who’s husbands are also stationed with you in the Wilderness.  The tea was most fabulous, and I was grateful for the opportunity to wear some of my finer clothing.  Mrs. Hanson was a gracious hostess, and provided molasses cookies, scones, fresh cream, and several jams for us to partake of.  I took a bottle of rosewater as a gift to her, which she was most appreciative of.  It was a grand break from the daily rush of life in the city, and the fresh air did my body well.

I will be travelling to Annapolis presently for a weeks time to receive more supplies for the shop.  We are desperately low on tobacco and sulphur, and I wish to receive as much as possible before the winter comes.  Some of the women this weekend spoke of their husbands returning home for the winter months, which I have not heard to be true or not.  Will you be returning to town?  If so, I shall advertise your services in the Maryland Gazette while in Annapolis as well, to keep you busy through those slow months.
Ever your sister,


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